Thursday, July 5, 2007


refer to the subject above..its time for me to move on.ive out grown my "bestfriends". ive never felt so sad for the past couples of week.but now i feel so peaceful without you.i had to.for my own they never appreciates ive open up my eyes who my friends really are.its not easy actually.but i know i can do it.i do miss them.but i have to.i cant live my life with "these" people. they havent seen the light. i understands that but the most sad part is that,the person dat i loved most threw me away just like dat as she never realize dat all ive been trying to do is help her.ive done my part.taken my responsibility as a friend.nothing else matters to me now.why shud i beg for explainations when they never bother to give me.never bother to call n ask.never.this is the end of it and i thank god.for showing me the way.thank you for sending an angel into my life.i dunno wat id do without him.he's a bless.not just him only,thank you for sending me man and fariz too.having dini back.putra n jaja has always been there for me.and others know who u are.thank you so for "besties" of mine.have a great life.drugs wont take you all you can n one day i hope when you grew older,dun regret wat had happened.all the best and i always pray for your happiness. thank you for being my "besties". i shall not forget wat u gave me.beautiful lesson in life.signing off~

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