Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My horoscope for today says:

"Dark, depressing dreams could plague your sleep tonight, Zara, probably alternating with silly ones that make you laugh out loud. You could wake in the morning totally confused by these images, and your tendency might be to dismiss them. Don't do this, however. Your dreams are trying to tell you something about yourself. Have you had your emotional ups and downs lately? Have you alternately laughed and cried over something? Think about it!"

Hmm.. i did dream about many things but i totally forgot about it.Maybe it's true.I'm still on the journey for searching myself.Well, not just me.Everybody else too.My hopes are my days are gonna shine brighter with full of beautiful memories.

I had lunch with Dev and Angah just now. It was good. Better than yesterday. Wonderful conversations about many things. About our country (politics mainly), movies (stardust and hitman -- oooh i can't wait to watch!) and many more.

I feel a whole lot better.
I can smile.
I can laugh.
I can think. (weeheee!)

Articles coming up soon.I'm taking Dev's advise.I'm gonna post it by chapters or topics. Well, it's gonna be easier.Still tired somehow. I miss that particular person. Hope to see him soon.
Thanks again for stopping by and read.

Zara D.

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