Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Die,Kitty Die!

Why is it so hard to forget someone? Why is it so hard to stay mad at someone for quite some time? I want to do that. Unfortunately, my characteristic is not like that. I kept on forgiving them, and move on. I kept on, sweeping it under the carpet. Why can't I be selfish? I want to be one of them who always think about themselves. Hurting and saying those cruel words. Everytime I'm angry, I tend to take a deep breath and smile.

Why would he bother? Like he said, he doesn't have obligations and responsibilities at all. Selfish? Yes. Never seems to care about anyone except for himself. No wait, I'll give him credits to acknowledge about the world and other people but not me.

I've been so upset with him for god knows how long but everytime I try to say it, I just thought to myself, "What the hell for? Wasting time only. Better cherish what we have." Funny right?

I always think about the good thing about him, but he sees my bad traits most of the time. I'd find time for him in my busy schedules. I'd make time and find my way to be with him. I'd cancel my meetings for him. Him?

The only way for me to release my anger is to go out with those people. But come to think of it, like he cares. What if I sleep with another guy? I'm not his girlfriend like he claims but he said, "I'll leave." It's been 2 goddamn years. I'm trying to improve but he never change. Not that I asked him to. I accept him for who he is. He always want me to change.

I let my guard down. I said sorry when I'm tired of saying it. I want to scream out loud, "DIE KITTY DIE!!!!"

I agree on what my best bud said;
fareisha says (11:54 AM): im starting to think men are complete and i mean COMPLETE in its whole sense - IDIOTS.

fareisha says (11:54 AM):
serious shit ok!

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