Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bite Me

It's been awhile. Been busy with work. It's great, not that I'm complaining. I've never been happier compared now. I love my life right now. Doing more or less the things I've been wanting to do -- events; with a bonus -- music. Passion.

I'm just lucky. Thankful to God. Thankful to my parents who never stop praying for me. I had a conversation with someone who I barely know. Told me that heard rumors bout me; snobbish, arrogant. What if I am? I am living a whole new life.

I do remember where I come from. Oh, well. Some people..

As far as I'm concern, I never leave anyone behind. Correct me if I'm wrong. All I want is to live my dream, and it'll come. 5 years from now, RSG Events, insyaAllah, will be one of them. That's a promise to thyself.

" Do you know how to rest and chill ? "

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