Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ok, I haven't blog for awhile so please excuse me.

I can't believe in 2 days time I'm gonna be 25 years old. That's quarter century old. Damn! I feel old. I have been sitting down and think a lot lately. Why I've changed so much. Well, I figured it out after talking to a mutual friend of mine. I'm not the same girl like I used to. I hardly go out and I CHOOSE who I wanna go out with. I feel insecure. Funneh.

I have to admit, partly it's because of work. Then the responsibilities are piling up. Damn! Can't I just be 21 again?

These are the worries I've been thinking that made me depressed:-
1. Work - salary issues
2. Household - money issues
3. Parents - money and time issues
4. Relationship - time and past issues
5. Friendship - time, money and past issues.

I think that's about it.

Haha, Having quarter life crisis is very very not interesting. Oh well.

But this is what I'll achieve soon:-
1. Stable job
2. Driving license
3. Car

All insyaAllah by end of the year... :)

Happy Birthday to me in advanced!

1 comment:

Arjuna Qaseh said...

i can read ur news!
punyalah lama xupdate..
saya tambah lagi satu benda nak achiece!

gudluck eh!
aja-aja fighthing!

u keje mana meh?