Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Early Review of 2010

Where shall I start?


January has been good to me but towards the end of it, starting first week of February, eveything fell apart. My car was filled with water. Well, quarter of it. I was then violated by someone whom I trusted. Days later, I was snatched. One hell of weekend. I was too traumatized until I was too scared to be alone. Thankfully, I have my beloved boyfriend who's there for me. Even my sister too. I shall never forget that. My mind was fucked up. Until now I can't get rid of those visions. The feeling of insecurity. Please be careful my dear friends and readers.

I became very clingy to my sister, my bestfriend and my boyfriend. I don't know how to step up again. After series of unfortunate events, I hope I can be stronger. I'm learning to step up. I hate being alone still. At first, I was all okay. I can chill by myself. Now, I'm bit paranoid. Seconds, God took all my confidence away. I did resent him. But just for that moment. I thought I've lot my faith. I didn't. Thankfully.

Morale of the story, do not trust people though they seems nice, be aware of your surroundings.

Have a pleasant day me readers and friends.



Anonymous said...

Really smart layout, Zara! Cheers!


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Anonymous said...

Psychotic sodding bitch. You were describing yourself pretty fucking well.

Fashion Princess said...

I hope everything is going better for you now.