Tuesday, April 1, 2008

how many times my heart is gonna get broken?

funny i spoke to him about my dating life after last saturday.
i dont know why i told him about it.
make me look stupid.

apalah nasib aku...

i know he's busy with his work.
at least he doesnt have that feelings anymore.
i'm sad.
very very sad.
every time.
got cheated over and over again.

Ya Allah..ambil lah perasaan ini..
buang segala kesedihan ini..
take this pain away and make me loveless like You did previously..

cant take this pain.
i knew something is wrong with this guy.
i got to know about it today.

i cant wait to get away from all these shits.
these nonsense.
leaving soon.
wednesday will be the day.
the day i found my bliss...

He was the greatest and he is now.
What went wrong i still have no clue..
did he ever got over me?
that i dont have the answer...

How many times will i let my heart get broken...?

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