Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Picking up the pieces
Of the wreck you went and left
And I'm dealing with dilemmas
In my not-so-stressful life
And I'm drinking stronger spirits.

I made my home here on the floor
And I'm losing all ambitions
I'm a ghost.

And I'm going all out
And I'm thinking you're just as bad
No sleeping at night
But I'm going from bar to bar..

Make everything so simple in a crazy world,
And I'm trying to find the words to say,
You make everything alright just by being around,
You make me wanna sing,
You're my light in the dark,
Guiding me home and your faith in me,
--is all i need.

I need a little help,
I can't seem to breath easy,
When you're not around...

Why can't we just rewind?


Anonymous said...

isnt this a lyric from step up 2 the streets.from the sad song.?

Anonymous said...

no its not.