Monday, September 29, 2008

Love, Oh Where Are Thou?

Isn't it sad, loving someone and that someone loves someone else?

funny how life is. I came across with a friend of mine. I just met her and she told me how she felt. I told her, "Babe, I've been through that and trust me I know how does it feel. Hoping he would feel differently.". It was a long time ago, and when I think about it, it hurts. Waiting and waiting and when you actually moved on, that person realized how much you meant to them and it's too late. It hurts. Years of waiting. Now, when I think about it, I'm stuck in a situation which it hurts as well. Like my best friend said, "You want it, face it.", and it hurts at time.

Takkan lagi aku menunggu
Kau hadir di dalam mimpi-mimpiku
Puasku mengharapkan dirimu
Seperti mereka yang punya cinta..

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