Sunday, June 14, 2009

25th Birthday Wishlist

I'm turning to quarter century old in 3 months and 2 1/2 weeks. I've accomplished a few I want to do and now, I want these 25 things as my 25th birthday gift.

  1. IKEA Cupboard (worth RM 139)
  2. Mattress (worth RM 200 and not from IKEA)
  3. 25 pairs of shoes (celebrating each year of my life)
  4. Shoe racks for those 25 pairs of shoes
  5. DVD player (I need a new one. So, if it has no brand, it doesn't matter BUT everyone do know that cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap)
  6. Watch (Not for the wall. Wrist watch? Yes. I need one)
  7. Purse (Been using it since 2005)
  8. Spa treatment (I need to relax)
  9. Dozen of light bulbs for my bed lamp (You need to see me and request the sample)
  10. Washer machine (The old one is broken)
  11. Laptop battery (Since no one can get me a Macbook 13", so I decided to use the 3 years old lappy of mine and the model is - ACER Aspire 5500Z)
  12. External Hard drive (been living on thumb drives and email to store, so pathetic isn't it?)
  13. Coat rack (not to hang coats but handbags because I have loads of them and no where to store it)
  14. Maid that cleans the house once or twice a week
  15. Dressing table (from IKEA as well)
  16. Gym instructor or at least someone to motivate me to work out
  17. A pair of jeans (seriously, I just want Levi's 501 or just from BLOOK)
  18. HIM old cds since I lost 2 of it (not the latest album, just the 1st and 2nd album)
  19. Internet camera (is that what you call it?)
  20. Original anti-virus because I don't have any (the 3 years would do enough for me)
  21. Printer (simple black and white would be enough as well)
  22. Speaker or sound system for my lappy (urm, since Altec Lansing is expensive, I'll go for Sonic Gear)
  23. Hangers for my clothes (can get them from Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, KK Mart, etc)
  24. Beautiful Life dvds (the very first japanese series that was on telly. Takuya Kimura was the main cast. Been looking for that)
  25. Last but not least, a pair of new glasses. I've been using this for 2 years, without changing the lenses.
Ok, that's it for now. I've decided. It will change year by year. But this is it. Just these things.


Anonymous said...

NO 19 . is it web cam?
internet camera never heard before.

salihatalib said...

No24, Beautiful Life is cool aite..i love it too

Anonymous said...

is this meant to be a shop list for people who read this blog? kinda pathetic begging for em online in your own blog. why don't you get your lazy ass off the couch & work just like every other homo sapiens out there earning a living. stop begging woman! get a life you cheap ass biotch who expects others to buy things for you. LOSER! now go cry to your bf.