Monday, November 15, 2010

The Truth

It's been awhile I blog. Last night I finally broke down, yet, no one manage to see it. I tried so hard to be as strong as my mom. I couldn't. I miss my dad so badly. At times, when I dialed my dad's number, I wish it was him that would pick up the phone. I miss talking to him. I miss coming back home to him. I just miss him too much that it hurts inside.

I am thankful my mom is still around but, for how long? Whenever she sleeps, I just stare at her, to make sure she's still breathing. I've lost my dad, I can't afford to lose my mom. I guess it's one of those days I'm feeling so down.

I just wish things were back to normal. Everyone lives. I could never get over the facts that dad has left us. As much as I would like to celebrate his life, part of me died with I received the news of his death. My life would never be the same, without him.

"I miss you pa.. I really do."

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L Garcia Muro said...

Life is never what we expect it to be, I too lost my dad, it's been 4 yrs now, and I miss him very much, I too, wish I could pick up the phone and call him, but I know he will not be there. You are not alone, my days of sadness has turn to peace and strength, when I decided to bring God into my life, he brought joy and comfort, you can also find that joy, if you just open your heart and let him feel your heart with a new spirit of love. God will not leave you alone to deal with your sadness, reach out to him, his love will restore your heart. God is love, and love is God.