Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where The Road Meets The Sun

It's been awhile I haven't blog. I don't even miss it. I've been taking my own sweet time to analyze what has happened since my first and the last public break down on twitter.

Twitter is so evil~

It's not Twitter honestly. It's me who has issues and just want to let out my feelings like I always do in blog as well. Apparently, it's not funny. I'm showing my weaknesses publicly. Finally, after restraining myself, i managed to cut down my tweets and blog about my feelings. I was not in the right state of mind.

I used to think blogging about your life wholely and let others to read was therapeutic. It was. I have to admit so, but on certain levels only. I guess, I'm learning slowly and through the hard way.

I still have issues to settle. Who doesn't? But I'm dealing it on my own way right now. Still trying to restrain myself. Nothing is easy..

I hope my readers and fellow friends won't stop reading my blog. I will still keep on blogging but not to an extend to humilliate myself. I've finally seen the sunlight.

Take care and thanks for reading.

Zara Ismail


ruatte said...

I agree with you on wht you said we should only share our personal side of live within a certain level only.. but I have got some people around to whom I am willing to share everything.
I enjoy reading your personal stories.

This is me said...

thanks for sharing, keep smiling.
good waves

My Name Is Siti said...

Its good to practice privacy when pouring your heart felt contents.. Nevertheless, keep on sharing.. =)