Saturday, May 21, 2011

Written. Read. Judged

Writing has always not been my skill, nor anything else. Yet, I still write to let out how I feel inside. Writing is very therapeutic, but, writing about real life even if we changed their names or given whatever nicknames, people still can see through your material. 

Some people believe in writing and some people believe what they see with their own eyes. What people doesn't know is what's going on in someone's mind or heart. I write what's on my mind and how I feel from the heart. People can simply judge who I am. Especially my weaknesses. Even my loved ones said it too. 

I write to share what I've been through, to inspire, to guide who ever reads this. Sharing is caring. I've tried to be a writer yet it went half way. I think I'm better off writing what I've experienced. I'm good at it. Please continue reading my blog. I hope I've inspired or touched peoples life. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for taking your time to read.

love always,
Zara Ismail