Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking After You

Lately I've been thinking of you. I kept on counting the times we've been apart. It hurts. I felt you walk away from my life. I felt, you left for good. I felt I was nothing.

I want to be happy for you but I'm still hurt. After all we've been through. it seems that you easily let me go. I was looking forward for Foo Fighters. I knew that was the only time I can be with you again among thousands of people sharing the same feeling watching one of our favourite band. That was how bad I miss you. Enough to share that moment even we'd be apart.

I don't know how to let go. I want to have you still in my life. You played a big role in my life. Even when I'm doing very good now with every other things in life I've dreamt for, it's not complete. You are not here for me to share it with.

Seems that you've finally let me go officially. Thanks Valentine.

Here's for you. My gift for you.

"I cannot be without you, matter of fact... I'm on your back"

Zara Ismail

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Abdul Hamid said...

awesome song.
loved it so much.
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