Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Between Lines

It's the second week of February 2012. Many things has happened for the past 6 new weeks. Something new for me. Something old for me. Something that I won't ever forget. Even it has been good to me, somehow the void feeling is there. A friend said, I'm too young to feel empty. I knew she was right but that emptiness fills my nights.

I'm still figuring things out. Career is advancing and I'm very glad and grateful at least one of it is working out. I hope it will last long.

I know that void, but I just don't really pay attention to it. If I do, I won't ever be able to move on. Probably, this is my only way to forget things. Keep myself busy. Busy is good. Busy is the best.

"It's easy to erase someone from your mind, but,  it's hard to remove it from the heart..."

Zara Ismail

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