Thursday, August 30, 2007

the wanted wanting the wanter

last night was such a frustrating day for me.i went room hunting with danial. went to all the 7-eleven in section 14 & 17 to look at the notice board.might never know i got lucky. well, i saw this ad at classified. posted,

"Available 1st SEPTEMBER!! Ken Damansara, Block A, 6th floor. Location: Damansara Intan, near sec17 and SS2. Mater bedroom with air-con, attached bathroom with water heater = RM550. Small room with fan, shared bathroom, with water heater = RM300. Female house-mate. 1 month deposit only, rental exclusive of utilities. House partly furnish with kitchen cabinet, etc... PM me for contact number n details."

and so,i made the appointment to take a look. ouh my's so frustrating somehow, living in a cell. its too small. but for RM300 it's kinda expensive and not worth it. so i went home with this frustrating feelings. The girl, Rou Xi, she said, she'll think about it about exchanging the room since i wanted the middle room. i told her i was willingly to pay about she told me she'll give me a call tomoro which is today. i was totally frustrated when i think about it. so on the way to the office, as usual i hitched a ride with angah [my senior at mtdc.she's working at block C phileo dsara 1 too.].i told her how sad i she told me ," the wanted wanting the wanter and the whole universe would conspirate to help u achieve it" its a quote from jalaludin rumi. a sufism poet.her idol. hehe..

this is what i chat with her after the good news.well part of it..she gave me an important advice..

zara322_g: i believe u babe.seriously
angah: yeah babe.. have faith!
angah: he also said that failure is the key to life
angah: coz it'll make u realize that ure depending on Him. and thats when miracles happen
angah: if we dont fail, God only teaches us to fly with one wing
angah: thats why failures are essential
angah: :D
angah: bila aku down, i always think that way
zara322_g: ouh ouh ouh important lesson of the day babe!!
zara322_g: thanks.many thanks..
zara322_g: :)
angah: takdahal la babe
angah: im happy for u
angah: coz nmpk sgt u really wanted this so bad
angah: and u got it
angah: wow
angah: seriously
zara322_g: exactly..tu ah..ko tatau aku melompat camne bile dpt msg dari rou xi.dia tulis .. "morning my dear. do u still interested to rent the medium room? i kind of like u actually should be nice to stay with you.." waahhhhh sapa tak happy
zara322_g: i tot she was just being nice je semlm when she said she'll call me if she change her mind to exchange room w me.
angah: heheheheheheheh
angah: what a luck, babe
angah: but nothing happens by chance
angah: ur fate has been written

so i guess...have faith in whatever you do.and keep on might never know when He'll answer your prayer. :)

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