Thursday, August 30, 2007

my instincts

i hate it when my left i je yang kelip kelip.i know i'm gonna cry but i dunno because of wat and i totally hate it to wait for it.ouh lama nye nak balik lagi.i hate another to be precised 22mins to 6pm. i'm still waiting for his call.guess he's pretty busy.nak call takot.dah la mata kiri dok kelip kelip.dah anta sms.tapidia tak reply.mmg busy la gamaknye. adoi.. dah la aku terkontang kanting tatau apa plan malam nie,pukol brape plak dia nak amek aku.haiyo.i hate waiting.its like forever. can't it be fast?i don't know.. sometimes, i have this feeling of losing it. like there's no more sparks but truth is, i'm deep in love with him. it's just one of those days that u can't stand with each other needed your own space kinda thing. i need more friends.i need more activities. i totally can't wait to move out.i can go swimming every day.haaaa tak payah i have to susah susah go to gym.anyway, i want to log off now..kisses to everyone and happy merdeka!

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