Friday, October 21, 2011

When The Rain Falls...

I often think of you, nights like this became more lonely. Wondering how you are and whether you miss or ever think of me.. Some nights are sleepless. I hate it when I miss you. I know what we chose was the best but somehow, my heart yearns for you even when I fight not to. I often imagine how happy you are without me. Especially being with someone else whom I knew who did take your heart away. I have a lot of questions to ask but I kept on dismissed it away. I don't want to get hurt by my own thinking. I wish there were still hope and chances to make things better but deep inside I knew it was over. You are my first TRUE love. I never thought I would feel so deeply towards someone and he was the one that wasn't meant for me, that got away even he was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life..

Things weren't the same anymore. Life wasn't as interesting as it was but I hope yours filled with happiness and joy because all I want for you is to be happy even at times I wish you weren't. To love is to sacrifice.. That I've learned from you. Thank you for a great lesson. Be well my love. You deserved it.

With lots of love,
Aizura Nur Ismail.
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