Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Rain

It's raining heavily for the past one week or two.. It seems like it knows that my heart is pouring heavily inside too. Somehow, it finally hits me. Why now?

I started the last 2 months perfectly fine. Now, I'm feeling that hurt. I get angry, but I know, the more I resent, I'll hurt more. I tried to live as normal as possible, enduring the new changes in my life, following the flow, but somehow, it seems temporary. I might be laughing and smiling among friends, but when I'm all alone, it gets really quiet and lonely. That's when I feel the big void. I avoid seeing the people we knew. I put courage going to places where we used to go. But when I'm home, it feels empty.
How long more will it rain?

Dear November, be good to me. I promise you that I'll be good too. Let me go through this rain with head held up high, because I deserved it.

I am that strong independent woman.
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