Friday, December 21, 2012


It's supposed to be end of the world.
But my heart was the one that had an apocalypse.

It just won't stop aching. It just won't stop screaming how badly I miss and love him.
It just won't stop asking for more when there won't be more than what we have.

I couldn't ask for more.
I fell in love. Deeply, madly, and truly.
I'm scared to leave. I pleaded my head and heart to leave.
They decided not to and pushing for more.
Enjoy while it last.

Sadly, I'm dying of it slowly.
There are days I feel so used.
There are days I feel so loved.

It's so futile and I'm still fighting it.
Perhaps it might be the end of me.

Who knows?

No matter how painful it is, it was worth it.
I'd still go through it again and again.

That, I don't regret at all, even the world is about to end.

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