Friday, December 28, 2012

Not Dark Yet

2012 is coming to an end, It's been another tough year for me. Though lotsa shits has happened (please excuse my language), I'm very grateful that I'm still standing. 

I've lost my closest friend who meant the world to me. 
I've been fired, twice. 
I've reconciled and hopefully will remain as friends with certain people who was once and few who are still important to me.
I've seen true colours of certain people whom I've always thought they'd be different -- how naive of me.
I've been given a chance to start all over again.

I've fallen in love (which I never thought I'd opened up my heart).
It wasn't a mistake though I got my heart broken. It was my choice and I'd make the same one all over again.

So dear 2013,
You are only 4 days away. My only hope, wishes and prayers are to be successful (financially & career), to be loved and to live peacefully with LESSER dramas of course. Without drama, life ain't that fun. hehe.

Zara Ismail

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