Monday, September 3, 2007


last weekend was one of the best week and worse week of my life..
it was merdeka's eve and my beloved sumone had to canceled me last minute because of unavoidable reasons. well, it did shattered my heart and pissed me off but i have to see on the bright side cause there's always a GOOD reason behind it. anyway, i went off to bar flam at sunway with my girlfriends and enjoyed the fireworks with the "mat rempits" that they blast from sunway lagoon. it was fun but it wouldn't be the same if danial was there.. then, later on i joined my friend at bamboo, ttdi plaza. it's awesome place! love the crowds there. am waiting the pictures from ida,oza's sister in law. i'll post it soon.

well,that's on 30th of August 2007. Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!! so the next day on 31st August 2007, Friday, my darling boyfriend took me out the whole day [making it up to me..and i really appreciate it!thanks baby~ i know u sayang me so much,and i sayang you too.. !]. we went to catch a movie at Summit USJ. we watched "The Invasion". it was played by Nicole Kidman and that dude from the latest james bond sumthing craig if i'm not mistaken. so anyway the movie was adrenaline's quite good. kinda like it. at first it was scary..imagine u get infected by this alien dna and then evolve to a very dull boring. but anyway, after the movie, we went to have late lunch at pizza uno at taipan and shoot off straight to central market. there's a merdeka event going on. there was a few bands playing.i don't even know who the line ups were. i didn't really enjoyed it because it was hot and too many people there. met a couple of old friends. especially shahida (friends of 14-15 years.). she opened up a booth to sell her stuffs. basically funky clothes.

after a while, we convoyed to No Black Tie. There's a Merdeka showcase. It's a beautiful place. Located at Lorong Mesui, Jln Nagasari off Jln Raja Chulan behind Istana Hotel. We had a glass of wine accompany with wonderful singer-songwriter performing such as Reza Salleh (ouh ouh i have the biggest crush on him!his voice is soooo wonderful~ la la la) , Mia Palencia , Izzy, Zalila Lee, Pete Teo, Isaac Entry and of course Azmyl Yunor (damn cool lecturer.reminds me of Aby Huraira but Azmyl is offense aby!). There are even poerty reading by Bernice Chauly and jokes told by Amir Muhammad ("it's with double Ms and a U and i'm new on facebook." hahahha!) and Phang Khee Theik ("it's still bleeding.." eew eew but funny!). the show started at 10 and ended around 1++am. it's worth of going. thank you baby for taking me there. it's one of the highlights of the year for me. we should do that again every once a month BUT this time just me and you are a couple of photos of me and danial at NBT.

our "moment"

moi + D. @ No Black Tie

well, the next day, 1st September 2007 (ouh my god it's september already!!), we spent times together then meet up my parents at Taman Permata, KL. Layter on we went to Naili's ampang..ouh it's been awhile i haven't see abang lee, mil and abang zul. really missed them. actually nothing much happen on the 1st except we went to farrah's 22nd birthday bbq. ouh she's eizaq's new gf. very decent girl. most of the time she's quiet. she's very talented!! i love it when she plays the piano. ouh k~ she has grand piano!! been wanting to play piano for ages and i got that chance! I haven't touch the piano for more than 10 years. i remembered smashing the piano after all of my family members kept comparing me to farah (my cousin which is the same age as i am and who is an intelligent person and talented and an angel.). i'm totally the opposite. what can i do,i'm the black sheep of the family.and i really enjoyed doing it too~ give them some entertainment. hahahha~ =P anyway, the party was one of the best! quite hillarious! imagine, ok ok i dun want to get sum people offended. so i apologize in advance yeahhhh~

the bbq was held at farrah's house opposite of KGNS, Kelana Jaya. so most of the guest was her relatives. makcik pakai tudung and all.. this is the first bbq party i went that has a DJ (ok.the dj was quite bad.playing bsbs' songs?) and they have laser light (ouh kalo time2 tgh syiok party tuh konfem sasau) and they have smoke machine!! wah wah wah~ cool gile okaayyy~ so after the karaoke session (mostly it was fully utilized by Eizaq and sabby. ouh sabby has a wonderful voice.loike it!),it's party time.. (yeah when it was karaoke session it's not considered as party yet.)! so the dj put on few songs like beyonce,j.lo, and many more (lazy laaa to cracked up my head and remember the songs) then we were like "it's farrah's party,lets dance and not spoil the party" and so we did until all the aunties with tudung joined us at the "dance floor" doing some sort of dirty's cool but it's hilarious! couldn't imagine it one of them were my mom! ouh my god!! Na'uzubillah~ here are few pix from the party taken by my wonderful boyfriend. as usual he'll be the unofficial photographer which is good for him to practice more on the skills.

l to r : sabby, bday gal + moi

sabby + eizaq - our entertainer

r to l : our mr latip and eizaq's bro nhis gal (i kept forgetting his name!)

told ya! got prove! but they are damn cool~

see got laser light summore...

cute couple!

very talented gal u hv there eizaq!

it was such a good night. while on my way back home (at usj 16) i feel so sad, i have to break the news to my bro in law and sister that i'm moving out. i feel sad coz i won't be able to hear my nephews calling me dede... plus now my sis is pregnant so im afraid she's gonna get so sensitive.
once i've reached home,i met my bro in law.broke the news, and guess what he said, "i knew from the start already." . ces, buat penat aku je risau..but when i broke the news to my sis,i hugged her and cried saying im sorry for the things i did if i ever hurt her feelings and i told her how much i missed talking to her and i feel so sad i gotta leave subang.gotta leave,i went upstairs to my room..packed up few important things then go to bed.

2nd september 2007 -- hari ini dalam sejarah, saya telah pindah ke ken damansara condo at damansara intan. housemate are quite nice people.segan pon we went for furniture hunting and bought a 3 seater sofa,tv rack and a dining table from cavenzi. layter on danial came and picked me up,went for dinner at syed bistro ss19 (god!! cant the service get any worse??).we waited for the rest of the group and shoot off to putrajaya to see the fireworks.
horibble traffic!!! but it's worth of going though we didnt reached our real destination since everyone were supposed to meet up by 730pm at syed bistro but all came late as usual.i'm still waiting the photo from danial but here are few pictures of moi,danial,adi,eizaq and farrah.

terrer kn bf saya amek gambar??hehehe..that firework was launched from canadian was splendid! right after the show we all went back to subang, dropped eizaq and farrah at syed bistro then adi,danial and moi headed to asia cafe for supper.we stayed there til late.real late. i really had fun last weekend,though at first it sucks,but after that it turned out ok.. thanks to my baby..sayang you!! thanks for th e whole weekend ye sayang..especially No Black Tie Merdeka Showcase. we really should do that again JUST THE TWO OF US.. anyway, i think i've blogged long enough,and i'm hungry and my dear boss is waiting for me.gotta go now..kisses~

Zara D.

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