Sunday, December 2, 2007


What is love?
i sat here.. alone.
Having a pot of tea..
Starring at the crowd..
Starring at the entrance
-- with faith and believe;
I would see him.

My hearts crying out loud
How long can it take?
The memories are haunting me..
My heart yearns for him..
It's been days for me..
It's killing me.
I'm dying inside,
--but I shall not give up.

That's my definition of LOVE.
  • never giving it up
  • sacrifices
  • compromised
  • understanding
  • believe
  • faith
  • trust
  • respect
  • forgiving
  • appreciation
  • sharing
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • compassion
  • happiness
"Perfect love is rare indeed -
for to be a lover will require
that you continually have
the subtlety of the very wise,
the flexibility of the child,
the sensitivity of the artist,
the understanding of the philosopher,
the acceptance of the saint,
the tolerance of the scholar and
the fortitude of the certain."
~Leo Buscaglia~

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