Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This year's love...

These couple of days have been very bad for me.wait, past few weeks actually. that's the truth and i haven't stop praying. I got this advice from someone... I kept it long enough because I believe what she's been trying to tell me.

"Be strong in life, no matter what happens to you. When you have problems, you just have to cope with them. Life is tough and you have to learn that no one has it in for you, things just happen. Even if you're not religious a little prayer and knowing that someone is looking after you will help you get through. When times are good, appreciate every minute.

Don't be hard on yourself, love yourself. Nobody can love you like you love you, but you have to work at it - over years. That's a good thing to know when you're young. We women are so used to punishing ourselves. If someone has upset us, we tend to carry it around. Try not to carry it with you: think it out, sort it out and get rid of it. Counseling is a helpful thing these days.

Always be true to yourself. The best way to do that is to go with your gut feeling. You can listen to everybody and they can say,"Do this, do that", but that's just their opinion. Do what you think is right. Look inside yourself and go with it.It does sometimes help to listen to others, but above all listen to your gut feeling.

Laugh a lot. If you don't laugh, you have no life. Life has to be laughter and love and the rest will fall into place.

Educate yourself as well as you can. Be interested in a lot of different things, be stimulated by what is around you. Grab hold of life and don't get stuck in a rut. It's an exciting world out there and you should set your sights high. Strive for excellence in whatever you do and get totally involved. Keep your mind fresh and open and let your imagination soar.

Make sure you have enough personal space and time, time for your family and friends, and work time.

Trust your inner feelings and build faith in your own judgment. Common sense is pretty rare these days, so develop some. Never take no for an answer when it comes to your abilities, your business or your career horizons because women are innately good managers. We are multi-faceted.
Prepare for the fact that there will be moments when you fall. It's inevitable, so don't despair. Often there will be people around who will put a hand out and help. Life has pitfalls but they are part of the process of learning and adjustment. "

i have faith. though i actually now see what's wrong [Alhamdulillah Allah beri petunjuk.]. Like i said, i haven't stop praying and never's kinda hard for me right now.i have less than a month.i know it's worth fighting for and at the same time i'm still feels right and for the past few years,my instinct never gone wrong.i pray this time it won't.funny how love works. one willing to fight and the other won' has faith,the other doesn't. my heart's pumping real fast now. something is wrong. but i dunno what it is. it's like i'm gonna bump into someone. the adrenaline rush. *praying*

i'm sorry i have to stop typing now.suddenly i just can't. dear readers,please pray for the best.
Thank you.

Zara D.

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