Friday, December 7, 2007

No one but myself...

2007 is about to end..
Many happy and sad events happened in my life within this year.
Played like a movie without sound.
Today is the 7th of December. Another 25 days til 2008.
People come and go into my life.
They leave a mark. Each and every of them.
Friends, past and current lovers.

I've never been so happy right now.
I was confused.
I was depressed [as u can read my previous blogs.].
Until now, I've realized...
The only thing that made me happy is myself.

I used to be indecisive [well making decisions in life.].
Now, I know what I want.
I've punished myself for the past 5 months.
I've beaten up myself badly.
Now, I won't do it anymore [insyaAllah].

To love someone, is to love yourself first.
To respect someone, is to respect yourself first.
Now, I have my confidence.
I have strength.
I have faith.
I do believe.
I don't give up.
Because in life, if you don't have that, you'll lose it all.
Life is short, embrace it.
Live life to the fullest.

I've never felt so peace.
So calm.
InsyaAllah, I'm gonna go through all the anticipations that Allah send to me.

It's just me. No one but myself...

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