Monday, July 21, 2008

The Self Destruct Button

In life we are taught that there are seven deadly sins. We all know the big ones. Gluttony, pride, lust, bla bla bla. But the sin you don’t hear much about is anger. Maybe it’s because we think anger is not that dangerous. That we can control it. My point is maybe we don’t give anger enough credit. Maybe it can be a lot more dangerous than we think. After all when it comes to destructive behavior, it did make the top 7. So, what makes anger different from the 6 other deadly sins? It’s pretty simple really. You give into a sin like envy or pride and you only hurt yourself. Try lust or coveting, and you’ll only hurt yourself, and probably one or two others. But anger... Anger is the worst. The mother of all sins. Not only can anger drive you over the edge. When it does, you can take an awful lot of other people with you.

I did. I pulled everyone down. I lost lots of people. Anger is dangerous. Everyone has their limitation of patience. When you're in anger, think of your loved ones. Well, at least. Try harder. Because when you lose it, you'll lose it all.. "One Mississippi... Two Mississippi... Three Mississippi..."

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