Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here I am, sitting, thinking and typing. Sometimes, I just wonder why I can't really write anymore.. I just realized, I don't have that inspiration. That particular someone to make me write. That particular someone to make me feel. I lost the touch. Someone said to me once that, "No worries, it'll come..." but all I write now is more or less boring. Agree, no? I miss that feeling. The feeling where it'll lift me up. That feeling that makes me write. I miss it. I tried looking for it. Unfortunately, I'm not attracted to anyone at all now. I'm tired of looking. I rather be the way I am right now. Like a bull in a chinashop. Trust me I have no idea what I just said. Now all I need some space to find 'it'. But someone used to tell me, "Don't go looking for it. It'll eventually come on its own. Don't just sit and wait. A little prayer would help. The next thing you know, whaamp! you got it". Can I trust that advise? Go figure.

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