Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sexpert Extraordinaire!

I was so boring at home, I decided, "Hey, I think I wanna do quizes!". So, I did. After one another from friendship to relationship quizes and then... Jeng Jeng Jeng~ My eyes glued at the monitor. I was hooked. Written - 'Are you sexpert enough?'. Here's the result.

Go on, gloat -- you deserve it! Game to try anything once, gregarious and confident in bed, you've not only got few inhibitions and a high sex drive, but you're as sensitive to your lover's needs as you are to your own (and more than capable of satisfying both).

Your huge appetite for hedonistic pleasures attracts swarms of partners. Match up with an equally skilled lover who's as adventurous, imaginative and nonjudgmental as you are and erotic, earth-moving encounters happen daily.

You leave your lovers with a sloppy grin on their faces, and your exes not only still find you excruciatingly attractive, they like you heaps because you're as good at relationships as you are at sex. You give as much as you take; you masturbate both with and without your partner; and you aren't afraid to speak up in bed, encouraging your lovers to do the same. Flexible and gloriously liberated, you'll try anything once trust develops. Go straight to the head of the class!


Grin + Winks.

Enough said.

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