Friday, November 21, 2008

You are mine...

danial & me

reciting "Lestat, My Dark Angel"

reciting "You Left Me A Melody"

I was so nervous that I gulped quarter of my friend's beer. It was my very first recital. I've invited a few poets. Obviously they are good. That made me more nervous. Most of my friends were there. The most importantly, my partner and my bestfriend were there. I recited what I wrote for them. I had my very good friend, Rendra Zawawi to strum the guitar while I read "You Left Me A Melody". I then read, "You Are Mine", dedicated to my bestfriend of 15 years. The funniest part, I cried instead of her. Haha.. I love you both. You guys are important to me. Never ever forget that. Without you, there's no me...

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