Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alone with loneliness

I'm sitting here,
Thinking bout,
How I'm gonna do without,
You around in my life,
And how am I gonna get by,
Ain't got no days,
Just lonely nights,
If you want the truth,
Well boy I'm not alright,
Feel out of place,
And out of time,
I think I'm gonna lose my mind

I miss your face,
I miss your kiss,
I even miss the arguments,
That we would have,
From time to time,
I miss you standing by my side,
I'm dying here,
It's clear to see,
There ain't no you, God knows there ain't no me,
Don't wanna live,
I wanna die,
If I can't have you in my life

So tell me how you feel
-- I'm lonely
Are you for real?
-- So lonely
Do you still think of me?
-- I think of you
Do you dream of me at night?
-- Like I dream you all the time

Oh let me tell you how it feels
-- It's like everyday I die
Wish I was dreaming but it's real
-- When I open up my eyes
Oh let me tell you how it feels
-- And don't see your face
I think that I will never love again

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