Sunday, May 10, 2009

He's just NOT that into you

I read the book, I saw the movie. Here's my experience.

  1. If he said he'll call you but he didn't - NOT INTERESTED
  2. If he said he'll see you in a bit but cancelled the last minute - NOT INTERESTED
  3. If he's sleeping with someone else while going out with you - NOT INTERESTED
  4. If he said that he broke up with his girlfriend and told you that you're hot - JUST WANT TO GET INTO YOUR PANTS
  5. If he said he has a girlfriend and still going out with you - NOT INTERESTED and JUST WANT TO GET INTO YOUT PANTS
  6. If he said he'll be your friend after a few date - NOT INTERESTED
  7. If he said he's not into marriage - NOT INTERESTED
  8. If he said he wants to continue the relationship just as partner - NOT INTERESTED
  9. If he said nice meeting you and hug after a date - NOT INTERESTED
  10. If he takes your number and NOT call you more than a week - NOT INTERESTED

Well, that's more than enough. Been through it all. Lesson taken. Unfortunately, I'm always attracted to selfish bastards. It's a good book though. Something I learned and would love to pass it down to the readers. :)

All the best in finding Mr. Right.

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