Monday, May 3, 2010

When A Heart Breaks

                    No one told me ever told me it would come to this... What began with such a promise, which end with such a twist. Everybody's laughing. Maybe that's just me. Does something unrequited mean it will never be? I lean into the whisper but I don't hear anything. Life, for now, I've come to fear. You've dropped me off and left me here. With nothing here to find my way, but the light you take as you pull away.. Far ahead the brush is moving and there's others here and good still proving. it's a tear in the dark all alone in the car in pieces. It's the sound of a mistake as I'm lying awake and sleepless. That is the sound that's made when a heart breaks. 

Nothing's wrong, it's in my mind... Nothing's wrong and I'll be fine...

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