Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thinking of You

I'm not feeling so great after all. Another 9 days, it'll be 6 months since he left me. Yes, I've been counting the days. I read a quote, "No matter how badly someone is hurting you, sometimes letting them go hurts even worse..." and that's what I'm feeling right now. I am happy. But whenever right after I had a good laugh, something just hit me in my mind and ask, ' Is he as happy as I am? '. Why is it so hard to forget this one person? I know it's kinda stupid to ask this from God, but I've always prayed something bad would happen to me so that it could make me forget about him and our past. I don't like it when I still remember.  It's not that I don't want to cherish it forever, it hurts me. I miss every single laugh we had. I miss every endless conversations. I miss everything about us. I don't know how I could actually go on like this. Thanks to my family and babies (who has been giving me great support), I am how I am now. I hate it when I cry about someone who doesn't deserve my tears. At times, I pray that I'll get a job and go far away from here. Start a new life. I don't have to go to the places that we've been before. It hurts even more when I actually visit my old home recently. It brings back millions memories. No matter how, I'm still hurting. So hard to not feel hurt. I thought I was still okay, I didn't know it was this deep. Please God, I'm praying and begging you to take away my memories so I won't be in pain..

"Just so you know, I tried my best to let go of you… but I failed."

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