Thursday, August 19, 2010


The memories are rushing thru in my mind. Suddenly it brings me back to his place, his room. Where I lie on his bed and watching him staring at his pc. With his favorite song playing on the back, I smiled. It was such a lovely sight.

Tears streaming down my face without me noticing, until someone wiped it away..

N : Stop crying love..
Me : How can I? I'm still hurting..
N : I'm here for you..
Me : I know.. But he isn't. He's the only one who can take away the pain..
N ; Is he worth it?
Me : I fought for 3 years, isn't it good enough?
N : What does your heart says?
Me : It was worth it, and it is still..
N : Waiting?
Me : Who else can fix this?
N : Yourself.
Me : Take years..
N : Take all the time you need.. For now, try to let go..
Me : If I don't want to?
N : You'll lose yourself..

Why is it so hard to let go? It's already gone. Damaged. It's scarred forever. Wound is so deep that nothing can heal it. They say time, but the longer it is, the deeper it'll get. I don't know how to treat this wound. It's like pouring acid to your skin..

" True love burns the brightest, but the brightest flames leave the deepest scars. "

Zara Ismail

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Irah said...

he is not the one for you. God has created us in pairs, and He has made it clear from the start who we are meant to be with. Jodoh. he might not be urs now, but maybe later in the future. Or there will be someone better for you. We just need to understand this, and have faith. take it as a lesson, an important life experience to be learned from. Dont take it as a punishment to urself. Please. loves.