Monday, January 31, 2011

Shadows of Ourselves

Choices choices choices.

We always have to make choices in our daily life. Most of us makes the wrong choices but we learned our mistakes with a blink of an eye.

Today, I've questioned myself over and over again am I doing the right thing, making the right choices. Yet, I have no answer for it. I've been staying on my own far too long. Ever since I finished high school. Yes, I'll go back now and then to my parents' place but it will only be for one or two nights. I did stay with them for a year or two but I'm used to it, being on my own.

Now that my father has passed away, I've requested my mom to move in with my uncle. He has a spare room. I don't want her to stay on her own alone. She did for the last 4 months. Trust me, I was so worried about her but unfortunately, I made a choice to let her be on her own and me still living on my own in the city. Am I selfish? You can tell me the truth.

Now she has moved to the city, but I haven't make time to go and see her. What kind of a daughter am I? I still call her but not as often as before. I somehow enjoy the quietness in my life but I feel bad. She's the only parent I have left but I'm still on my own. I don't make time for her. Honestly, I have all the time in the world right now but I realized I'm making excuses.

Shouldn't I make this sacrifice? She's all that I have. Why won't I just stay with her? There are a lot of "what ifs" playing on my mind and I don't want any regrets anymore. I'd love to spend every minute with her but at the same time I'd love this life on my own.

Perhaps I know the answer but I want to hear it from someone. No, it's not perhaps. I do have the answer but I chose to look the other way. I am selfish.

Oh dear heart, please listen to what head is saying. For once, do it right. No more regrets. You definitely do not want to look back and say, "I should've spend more time with her.".

This is me now. I have conversations in my head with myself.

I hope I'm not crazy.

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