Thursday, January 27, 2011

What If This Storms Ends?

Somehow, I've decided to retire as a dramaqueen. People were questioning me why. People will say, I shall not be me again. Guess it has been my trademark all these while.

I've been a dramaqueen for the past almost 27 years. I was borned as a dramaqueen. I love the dramas in my life. I love the spotlight on me. I love being the centre of the attraction. When I made the announcement declaring myself as a dramaqueen retiree, friends and family were questioning.

Here is why:-
  • The dramas in my life doesn't bring me any good.
  • It was fun but somehow it sucked the life out of me
  • I was becoming an emo bitch that no one could stand (even myself)
  • I became desperate for attention when no one is entertaining me
  • I have lost a lot of friends a long the way
  • I have lost myself.
I'm sick and tired of it. I'm a 27 years old (not that young anymore) and I should take my life seriously. I would love to play around still but I think I shall rewad myself when the time comes. Yes, I'm going to be a very boring person.

Might never know how it turn out to be. I've lived my life in storms. I would love peace and quiet. Live a simple life. Let's see how does it goes. When it does, the memories of who I was will be a distant echo.

Life is an adventure, dare it. - Mother Teresa

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