Thursday, June 19, 2008

By your side... ( a dedication for someone special )

Happy 24th Birthday Buns!

I met this guy a long time ago.. If I'm not mistaken it's been 12-14 years. At that time I knew him by his first name only until I really get to know him. Now it's a year plus knowing him in person. I learned a lot from him. I used to write a blog about him.. and now I'm writing for his birthday as a gift of appreciation.

This is the guy whom I was in love with, who now is my companion, my best friend. The person who I would always turn to, who would always break my heart [well, used to] and now would always make me smile. This is the same guy who used to give me butterflies in my stomach whenever I see his name appeared on my caller id. He is the same guy now who made me say, "Thank god he's calling me and not any creep.." whenever my phone rang.

This guy is very unpredictable, vulnerable in a way, unique, intelligent, funny and other beautiful and wonderful words that can describe him. When he reads this he will say that I'm being biased. Truth is I'm not. I can write a whole lots of awful things about him but... I rather not to because this is a dedication to him.

He has this charm like Johnny Depp that attracts his fans all over the world [don't get too flattered d!]. Not only he is different on the outside [he is totally different from the rest of the guy I used to date], but also on the inside. He is the most caring, thoughtful and wonderful guy that I ever met. He never ceased to make me laugh, and he always listened to my trivial problems and would offer me a shoulder to cry on if I needed one [in short, he's always there...]

I'm thankful to have this special relationship with him. He is such a wonderful son. A responsible brother and grandson. Whoever are friends with him, they should be lucky and I am.

I can't afford to buy you gifts nor dinner but this is sincerely from the heart. =)

Happy 24th Birthday Danial Radzmi Roslan. May Allah S.W.T bless you. InsyaAllah.. Have a great day love!

Zara D.

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