Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today is the day that I just want to let all my anger, disappointments out. Some people won't get it, some people will.

I'm sitting here, still wondering what the fuck happened to my best friend. No news at all. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't do or say any wrong things to her. Last spoken to her, things were alright. If the excuse, "I don't feel like talking to anyone." is fine by me. I normally do that too but important matters had to be solve (it's settled already,thank you very much), just a sms would do.

Got news about some bitch. Was a friend whom I knew a LONG time ago. WTF is your problem, going around badmouthing me? If you have a problem, come and talk to me. Fool. For those who actually listens and believed her, God, you guys are easy!

Families, what are they for? When I needed your words of wisdom or courage (though you're going through a lot right now), an email would do to. If not, why would I turn to you?

Everybody has their own damn issues. I get it. Try to solve it. better still, find a damn effing way! Don't just sit on it and not doing anything at all. Don't avoid it.

Some people just don't understands the meaning of relationship. You don't have to spend 24-7 with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Get a life! Yes, at first things are rainbow and butterflies. It'll change. Trust me on that. There's a reason why I'm not in it. It sucks. Yes I am still heartbroken but at least I'm happy the way I am right now. Not attracted to any guys (and please, not even girls.). If some of you think dating sucks, marriage is far worse than that. You don't have to listen to your "loved" ones most of the time. You can ask their opinion, but you, yourself have to make the decisions. Experienced that. Was told either.

Oh well, at least I know who my friends really are. Guess the list is getting shorter and shorter. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart. I just hope things will change.

"Siapa makan cili terasa pedasnya.."

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