Friday, June 20, 2008

Short-circuit girl

how I got the name?

It all started after I went for a job interview today. During the interview I had to sit for a personal evaluation test; 88 questions of true and false and 3 forms to be filled in. Trust me, I had to cracked up my head.

Right after that Danial and I went for his birthday treat from friends of mine. I realized that when we were on our way, I started jumbling words, giving bad directions! [Someone is a good driver but unfortunately bad with roads and I'm the living GPS.]. As we reached to our destination and while waiting for friends of mine, I became clumsy. Knocked myself here and there.

We had fun. Telling jokes. Here are some of it..

"Kenapa Nobita dan Doraemon tak datang Malaysia?" [ans: sebab M'sia ada banyak GIANT].

"Ada satu bas jatuh gaung,semua penumpang termasok driver mati. Apa yang tak mati" [ans: roadtax.]

Then I remembered a story once was told by one of my uncles during raya..
"Jenap jalan-jalan, Jepun jalan-jalan juga. Jepun jumpa Jenab. Jepun jamah Jenab. Jenab jerit! 'Jangan jamah Jenab!' Jepun jamah juga. Jeneral Jamal jenguk. Jeneral Jamal jerit 'Jangan Jepun,jangan jamah Jenab!' Jepun jelir. Jeng Jeng Jeng~"

Creative isn't it? lol.

What a day for me. At least I made someone laugh the whole day. Oh what the hell, I always say that I'm born mentally distorted. Like d said, "general malfunction". So here's the new name; Short-circuit girl. Thanks d, for the name. I lap you la. You creative.

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