Friday, June 13, 2008

Mirrors of the Soul (a dedication to my girlfriends)

The depth of a friendship - how much it means to us...
depends, at least in part, upon how many parts of ourselves a
friend sees, shares and validates. - Lillian Rubin

Whenever someone asks how would I best describe my girlfriends, I would say, "Honest, witty, responsible, sarcastic, funny, function from the heart instead of being calculating." Then, I'd just realize that I was describing myself. That is what separates bestfriends and mere acquaintances. Our closest friends mirror who we are.

It is so exciting to find someone similar to ourselves. Remembering those sleepovers and now, sharing a cup of coffee at a hip, overpriced cafe. Laughing together over raspberry sorbet and commiserating bittersweet memories over tea has become one of our most favorite ritual. Being able to share our feelings and knowing that each of us understand whatever joyous or tumultuous journeys we are going through is invaluable. When we share our tears, comforting each other in those moments of vulnerability, the swollen-eyed and red-nosed moments, proves of a loving, trusting friendship.

Even if our lives take unexpected turns and we are separated by time or geography from those women whom we shared our childhood with, we never lose the impact they have had on our lives. I take these girlfriends with me each and everyday, in my memories as well as in the warp and weft of my personality. The pain of separation subsides as I realize these friends are a permanent part of me and my life.

I love you all.
Thank you for everything.

Zara D.


shazmen said...

Zara hunny..

Thank you for the dedication, u knw I love u too..

Till thn, take care..


nisa said...

My dear...

Our life is like a garden
And our friendship is like a flower
That blooms and grows in beauty
With the sunshine and the shower

Sometimes we are lack of sunshine and shower
We forget what makes our flower dull
And so we shed to tears as we watch our flower dies

So we planted new seed
Planted deep and true with love
Tended with great care
And lovely it blossoms

Now our flower is growing
Showing a wonderful beauty
Just like our friendship is
Showing the tears and joy we share