Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The human heart is a scary part in fact
'Cause I could break you and you could break me back
Though my head says just forget it
You'll get hurt and you'll regret it
Ask me now and I won't hesitate

So many cards that never leave the deck
There comes a time when you have to place your bets
and I've never been a gambling person
But if you want to see my hand
Ask me now and I won't hesitate

I thought about it long and hard today
I realized I'm standing in our way
Usually my judgement's better
But with your black eyes, hey whatever
Ask me now and I won't hesitate

'Cause I'm fearful of heights and you take me higher
What came with you was a view to admire
I've always been the kind to contemplate
But you like the kind that don't hesitate 

Excuse me while I fall for you...

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