Monday, April 5, 2010

True Feelings

Days when we were happier... (circa 2009)

I've been hurt too many times. Guess, I chose the wrong man most of the time. For the past few days, yes, I've been thinking a lot about that particular person who broke my heart. I have to admit, I now feel the heartache after a month plus of breaking up. Probably, the person who broke my heart after he did, triggered it. I hate to think and feel about it, but I know I have to go through it. I will always pray Danial will have someone else who can treat him that he deserves. Yes, he broke my heart into pieces, but I forgave him. I know we're better off on our seperate ways.

God, I actually typed his name after a month plus. Oh well, life is full of shite. I'm happy to be surrounded by my loved ones. I never regretted being with him for the past 3 years. I learned a lot. I grew up.

Danial, I hope you're happy, because I am.

"Orang yang mencintai kamu akan selalu mengingati setiap kejadian yang dia lalui bersama kamu, bahkan mungkin kejadian yang kamu sendiri sudah melupakannya, karena saat-saat itu ialah saat yang berharga untuknya. dan saat itu, matanya pasti berkaca. karena saat bersamamu tidak selalu terulang."

1 comment:

Arjuna Qaseh said...

be strong k.
u have all those criteria to be love by someone.
we are in the same shoes,
so i think,
some other day,
we will meet MR 'bright' who will brighten up our life again!
so smile n cheer up!
p/s:i've been following ur blog since ur first entry.