Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Berhenti berharap

Today is the day that I wanted him so much. The time I wish he'd still be around and hug me and tell me everythings alright. Today I just realized how lonely it was. I thought I'd be okay. I'm not. I wish I can't stop these tears. My heart is broken all over again. I miss my "bestfriend". Talking to him over the phone just now was just too much for me. As much as I want him to be my shoulder to cry on, I know it's over. I wish there's a reset button. I don't have to remember he existed in my life three years ago. He'd know what to tell me. I just want to rip my heart out right now.

I don't know where to start. Four months ago I was dumped, and today I've been layed off. What else will come next? To think, everythings going to be okay is not okay. I'm tired of pretending. I'm hurt. I'm broke. I'm jobless. Great. 26 years old and not achieving anything at all. How pathetic could I be? Attempting to write is just wishful thinking. Now, I've lost all hope again. 

Thank you God.

" Just when I thought my life was coming together, I realized it was just starting to fall apart.. "


kinkywildcat said...

Things will look up babe...trust me...chin up

Kai said...

there's an opening in Cyberjaya. If you want more info. Just drop me a mail.