Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday..

For the past 3 years, we've celebrated your birthday together. I'm sure you're celebrating it this year with someone new. So, I'm wishing you happy 26th birthday. Have a great birthday. Take care D.

Zara Ismail.
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sevenfold said...

let's it go.. the more u write, the more u keep the memory on, the more u sad, more u suffer from it. i'm maybe not the one u know, but the truth about brake up is how u handle it, its make u more alive, make u know how to be a better person in the future, I'm not saying that u not a better one, to be better, u have to learn from failure, learn from what have happen to u, learn from the mistake. i know brake up is the most people don't want, 3 years is not a short period, i do also feel how u feel, i have been in your situation before, 7 years of wasting, turn down she cheated at me, but everything must go on, its life, its doesn't either u like it or not, even u love, u care for him so much, he will not coming to u. so zara, u beautiful as ur name, carry on your life.. there is always tomorrow.. have a great future / life ahead. amin. :)