Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breathe easy..

i just got back from dinner with a friend of mine. we talked. he's concerned about me. i guess everyone is. the thing i just don't get it is why won't people believe me?  did i move on  too  soon? i hate the facts that people get annoyed and not supporting me enough. thank you. but no one can protect me forever. i have  to stand on my own two feet. somehow or  rather, people kept on saying that i'm in denial. 

too bad. i'm not. 
i'm moving on. i love my life right now. why would i waste my time grieving? sulking? it's obnoxious! Only Allah knows how i feel right now. I'm not the same girl i used to be. crying and beating myself up for the person who doesn't deserve me. 

live life to the fullest.
that's one of my mottos in life. things doesn't go the way i want it to be, there'll be a better things coming my way sooner or later. I've been doing very well, staying positive but seems that there are people who wants to bring me down. Why? Why can't i live my life the way it is. I'm not stupid. InsyaAllah I won't do anything that people expect me to do. I've learned my lessons from my previous relationships. I do feel empty. I do feel lonely. That's because I'm used of having someone to love me. passionately. Now, I have some other people who loves me more than he did. My parents. My friends. Life goes on.

I don't want to waste any of my time because it's precious.
You might never know what happen in the future.

Breaking up isn't easy. It's not as easy as the first time you fell in love.
I'm dealing it the best i can. Proudly to say, I'm getting over it. I'm looking forward and I know there's something better ahead. 

"Doing things, changes things. By not doing things, leave things the way they were..."  -- Dr. Gregory House.

Ingat sampai bila-bila

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