Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny yet strange weekend.

i encountered strange incidents during the weekends.
when i think about it,i laughed.
spend it with this ex of mine. the current one. hurm, let's call him ex5.

we never do that when we were together. hung out just the 2 of us. it was wonderful. the best after we broke up. weird isn't it?

moi : "yknow, we made the right choice.."
ex5 : "yeah we did.."
we smiled.

on Sunday, i wasn't feeling that well. ex1 called to check on me. ex3 called to ask me out. huh?
Later that night i went to nbt. listening to mia singing...

sayunya hati aku...
I smiled.

ouh. i went there with ex5 which we then bumped with his ex. hurmm.. ex2 of his. haha. please don't get confuse. we said hi to each other [weeeiiiird~] and then while sitting by the stairs, another of his ex, urrmm.. ex3 walking up. [omg.funny.lol]. At the end of the show, we then bumped again with ex3, she said;

his ex3 : "get a petition.you're gonna be in the picture with him.."
moi : "it's up to him. I'm no longer with him."
we both walked away. [we're talking about him wanting to do dreadlock.]

it's kinda weird actually.i don't know how does he feels that night. he said to me once; "i don't believe in coincidences.. ".

But if i were him, I'm gonna be quite surprised. thinking.. "OMG. this is weird. i think i gotta do something. maybe change my name and move somewhere else?"

ouh wait. i dreamt that this morning. waking up. my best friend laughed at me, "kau mengigau dowh..".

funny yet strange.

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