Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I wrote this last week [03.02.08].
Finally brought my book along today at the office to blog it.
Sometimes I just wonder why it happened but there must be a good reason behind it.
I pray everyday, I'll face it through..
I'm doing it. Alhamdulillah...

As i was sitting down,
People walking,passing me by..
I realized my mind was somewhere else..
And so, I've finally felt it.
filling me up...

I'm doing just fine..
What kills me,
makes me stronger.

"You were my earth
My number one priority
Gave my love to only you
Anything you'd ask of me I would do
But somewhere down the road
You feel a change in the weather and told me
That you have to journey on
A kiss in the wind and your love was gone
When you said goodbye
I felt so all alone
There were times at night I couldn't sleep
My heart was much to weak to make it on my own
After all the misery and pain you put me through
So unfair to me
You're no longer my world and I ain't missing you at all
I'm doing just fine
Getting along very well without you in my life
Time made me stronger you're no longer on my mind"
--doin' just fine.

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