Monday, February 25, 2008

within me..

sitting here all alone,kept me thinking..
funny how relationship goes.
was discussing with my devlins.

mary : aku slalu je tak dapat orang yang elok as a boyfriend.
dini : jangan la cakap camtu..belum masa kau lagi..
sis : ya la,it's not your time..
moi :'d never know orang yang kau tercari-cari tuh right under your nose.

[the conversation went on..]

we never thought what would happen in one can predict it.It's all written by god.

as i was talking to them, listening to dini's stories about her relationship, made me feel a bit sad. yeah i'm single now..but single is fun. i can have lots of option.
sis is back with tran.nora has amir (though there's lotsa things going on). left dani,mariam and i.

sometimes i asked myself why..where did i go wrong..but to question it,i won't be getting any answers.isn't it's kinda sad when i have to pretend with my recent ex in front my parents. how i wished i could break the news easily. why must they love him.among all my exes..they love him the most.

it's making it harder to me.most of my gfs said to me not break the news until i'm with someone new.which's gonna take some time.not really looking forward into relationship.need to rest. need some time to be alone.

i wished i could sit down and talk to my sister,who knows better about this. spoke to my first love;

faiz : relax la..i told you dah kan, never give in too much. tapi tu la, masa i ngan you pun, your parents tade la sayang i sangat macam your recent ex kan?
moi : haa tau takpe.pening la you.i dah pening ni.risau papa sedih..
faiz : sabar je la...nanti sampai la masa tuh

what he said is true.when the right time comes,i can tell them. i miss that particular person. last sms i got from "him" is before i went off to bed. wandering myself with my thoughts, i got lost.

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