Thursday, May 15, 2008


He sang...

Where It's At
I Know Karmas Comin To Pay Me Back
I Hurt The Sweetest Thang That's On The Map
I Broke Her Heart In 30 Seconds Flat
Now How Did I
Just How Did I Become That Kind Of Guy
To Look At Girl And Lie Right In The Eye
Boy Now That Ain't Right
Where She Go
I Got Some Things I Gotta Let Her Know
To Fix The Love Now It's Impossible
Baby If We Take It Slow
We Can Make It Work
We Just Can't Throw The Love Down In The Dirt
You Probably Thinking I'm A F**Kin Jerk
Cause The Way I Let You Down It Made You Hurt
I Didn't Mean To Make You Hurt
I'm Sorry
I Didn't Mean To Break Your Heart

Look Baby
Let's Break It Down
I'm A Heart breaker

"you are a heart breaker."

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