Saturday, May 17, 2008

If Today Is My Last Day I'd say ..

to him:
-- how much I love you, but not in love with you.
-- how great the pain is knowing you'll leave me soon.
-- how great it is to be with you, having you in my life gives a big impact.
-- how sorry I am for causing you any pain.
-- how comfortable I am right now, having what we're having and I don't want to change a single
-- how frustrating it is when I know you love her and be here with me at the same time.
-- how grateful I am when one day we'll realize that this companionship of ours is the best ever
happened in our life.

"z: i know its kinda stupid [n yea i m worried actually] but i still wanna ask u b4 i go to bed,mana tau anything happens[na'uzubillah], u tau i sayang u kn? :)
d: yeah of course i do,i sayang you too tau :)
z: sorry for being dramatic,just wanted to let u know je :) "

to mom and dad:
-- how sorry I am for not being the best.
-- how sad I am to leave you.
-- how bad I felt when I know I failed you.
-- how much I love you, it hurts not to see you smile whenever I am home.

text message; A'kum, pa,ma, I love you. Sorry couldn't make it to mantin this week, insyaAllah next week or two.

to my beloved sister:
-- you're the best sister and I'm lucky.
-- you'll do great and you know what I meant.
-- you're lucky, God gave you 2 sons and a daughter.
-- sorry for everything.
-- I love you na.

text message; Said i'll u back bt ct 2 bed u!nytes.kisses to the kids.
replied; Love u 2. Kiss kiss chup chup

to my besties,they know who they are:
-- thank you for being there for me.
-- thank you for being my besties.
-- I'm grateful. I'm lucky.
-- I love you all. You're my family.
-- forgive me if I've done or said wrongly.

Before I lay down and sleep, my chest hurts badly, I cried myself now writing this. For I'm scared if today would be my last day.If it's not, at least, I've said things I've been wanting to say for so long..that I've been keeping it by myself.Goodnight all. Sweet dreams.

Zara D.